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Are you looking for 1X Wheel Balancing in Corby for your vehicle?

Wheel balancing involves attaching small weights to the rim of a wheel to distribute its weight evenly on each axle. The main aim of this process is to achieve a perfect balance between the wheel and tyre assembly and ensure that the tyre's full circumference is in contact with the road.

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Get in touch with Automotive Solutions Corby and get the imbalanced wheels of your vehicle fixed at cost-effective prices.

Causes Of Imbalanced Wheels

Unbalanced wheels can cause vibrations in the steering wheel or vehicle floor, which can be quite disturbing. Therefore, we recommend getting the wheels of your car balanced regularly to avoid any such issues and maintain a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Some of the leading causes of imbalanced wheels are:

  • Improper tyre pressure
  • Hitting potholes
  • Faulty suspension components
  • Unevenly worn-out brake rotors
  • Inefficient installation of new tyres / wheels

Some of the indications that your vehicle needs immediately are wheel balancing Corby:

  • Vibrations
  • Juddering steering wheel
  • Irregular tyre wear and tear
  • Noises in the wheel while turning

If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs, book the wheel balancing service from our homepage without any further delay.

Types Of Wheel Imbalances

If you drive your car regularly or for long distances, you may encounter 2 types of imbalances namely:

Static Imbalance: This refers to when your wheel(s) vibrate up or down. Static imbalance can be generally noticed at lower speeds and you can notice the vibrations throughout your car.

Dynamic Imbalance: At high speeds, if your car's wheels vibrate sideways, it means there's a dynamic imbalance. This happens due to external damages to the wheel(s) or damaged rims. You can mostly feel it while accelerating or decelerating your car.

Our Cheap Wheel Balancing Corby Service Procedure

At Automotive Solutions Corby we follow the steps given below to ensure proper balancing of the wheels:

Step 1: Remove the entire wheel assembly from your car.

Step 2: We place the damaged wheel(s) in our special state-of-the-art machinery.

Step 3: The machine rotates the wheels at high speeds and our mechanics record the readings.

Step 4: Our mechanics attach eco-friendly counterweights in the rims of the imbalanced wheel(s).

Step 5: We again place the counter-weight attached wheels inside tour machines to record the new reading.

Step 6: Once we have balanced the wheels efficiently, our mechanics shall reattach the wheel(s) on your car.

Note: For extra convenience, we offer a wheel balancing service every time you replace your car’s tyres from us.

Why Choose Us?

Some of the main advantages you get from us are:

  • Customised and tailored solutions
  • Cost-effective, transparent pricing policy
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Online booking option from our homepage

To learn more about our service procedure, reach out to us at automotivesolutionscorby@gmail.com and end all your “wheel balancing Corby near me” searches.

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